Q.1. What is this Company about?
MegaCare Services is founded to fill in the void of personalized customer service in the healthcare industry. While there has been an increase in better medical facilities and treatment, there is also a parallel need for an objective, reliable and quality service to help guide individuals and their families through an informed decision-making process in matters related to their health.

We aim to address this gap through our personalized Medical Concierge Services.

Q.2. What are the services offered?
Being a Medical Concierge company, we provide our members the following services:
  • Assistance in booking for an appointment booking with a Doctor.
  • Assistance in finding a right doctor.
  • Arranging for a Second Opinion.
  • Provide transportation with an attendant to guide them through every step of their hospital visits,
  • 24×7 helpline,
  • 24 hour home delivery of medicines,
  • Collection of pathology samples at your doorstep,
  • Medical assistance at home,
  • Arranging for ambulance,
  • Appointment reminders.
  • Medical equipment on rent or sale,
  • Discounts on OPD/IPD,
  • Discounts on purchase of medicines and
  • Discounts on Lab Investigations.

Q.3. Which all cities do you operate in?
We currently operate in NCR only but we will expand to other cities by next year

Q.3. Is this a Membership based program?

Q. 4. How do I register as a member?
You may call us on our customer care number, 8447449331 and we will send our executive to your place to explain the plan and collect payments.

Q. 5. How do we make a payment to become members?
  • (a) You may make payment through RTGS/online transfer.
  • (b) You can also call our helpline and we will send our executive to collect payment of membership fee from your doorstep.
  • (c) All payments need to be paid via Cheque favoring MegaCare Hospimed Services Pvt Ltd., payable in New Delhi.
  • (d) All payments need to be accompanied with a Government issued valid photo ID.

Q.6. After how much time does my membership start after paying for my membership?
You become an active member from the day your payment is realized by the company.

Q.7. How long is the membership valid for?
Depending on the membership plan you have availed and paid for, your membership plan is valid for One year from the date of the payment being realized by us.

Q.8. Do I receive a Membership Card?
Yes. You and all your family members who have taken up our membership will receive a membership card with a validity of one year.

Q.9. What if I lose one or more membership cards issued to me/my family?
You will need to inform to us about the same in writing as soon as possible. We will issue a fresh membership card in place for the lost card. The amount for re-issuing a new card will be Rs.250/- per new card.

Q.10. What are the different types of plans?
Fee per annum Rs. 5000/- Rs.15,000/- Rs.18,000/- Rs.15,000/- Rs.18,000/-
Plan Name Silver Gold Platinum Sr. Citizen Couple
Coverage 4 people 4 people 4 people One Person 2 people

Benefits of each plan can be seen on our website under the category “MEMBERSHIP PLANS”.

Q.11. Do you have your own Doctors/Nurses/Diagnostic Facilities?
No. We are medical service facilitators and we have tied up with various Doctors/ Nursing care providers and Diagnostic Laboratories / Facilities

Q.12. Why should I go through MegaCare Services instead of directly going to the Doctor/Hospital?
We are not just an appointment booking platform. We provide a bouquet of services taking care of ALL your supporting medical needs.

Q.13. How are you different than other such service providers?
No other company is providing the range of services the way we are.

Q 14. Would you customize a plan specific to my requirement?
We would be happy to customize plans for you. Please provide your contact details under “feedback” section and our Customer Care Executives will get in touch with you at a time convenient to you.

Q. 15. Can I use your services during an emergency?
No. We are not an Emergency Service Provider. We are only Healthcare Facilitators.

Q.16. Do you provide Physiotherapists at Home?

Q.17. Do you provide Attendants/Nurses for Home Care?
Yes. In fact post – hospitalisation services is one of our strong points.

Q.18. Do you provide telemedicine services?
Presently, we don’t. However we will be introducing the service at a future date, information of which can be had from our website, as and when the service is introduced or you may leave your contact details with us and we would contact you once we start with it.

Q.19. Are the Attendants/Nurses & other staff of MegaCare Services verified?
Yes. The MegaCare on-roll staffs have been verified by the Police and also reputable third party verification agencies.

Q.20. Will you refund the membership fees if I am not satisfied with your service?
Yes. The membership fee is refundable on a pro-rata basis as also the services already availed vis-à-vis un-availed. The membership cards issued to you will also need to be returned to us.

Q.21. What if I request cancelation of my membership and have lost one or more membership cards issued to me?
That won’t be a problem.

Q.22. If I cancel my membership and get a refund, and then again apply for a fresh membership, will I be treated as a new member?

Q.23. Do I get to choose the Diagnostic Centre/ Hospital/ Doctor of my choice?
Yes, Absolutely.

Q.24. I have booked the Concierge but want to cancel it. Would I still be charged if I cancel at this stage?
If you cancel the concierge service at least 2 hours prior to your appointed time, there will be no charges. However, if you cancel at a later stage, there might be some incidental charges that you might have to pay for the car/driver reserved for you.