MegaCare Services is founded to fill in the void of personalized customer service in the healthcare industry.

” We aim to address this gap through our personalized Medical Concierge Services. Megacare Concierge Service will take care of all your health and wellness needs. The Relationship Managers are accessible 24 X 7 on phone, so there is no need to wait to log on and sign in anywhere. Just pick up the phone and call! “

When a family member is ill, other than the treatment of the patient, there are numerous other aspects involved. There are frequent visits to the doctor, arranging for blood tests, purchase of medicines, may be even getting a nurse or an attendant. Also, in case a person requires hospitalization, then there is hospital-related paperwork, insurance claims to be filed and so on. This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the supporting parallel requirements when a loved one is unwell.

To ease the burden, so that you can focus on the health of your loved one, we offer the services of medical concierges. The medical concierge will be like your Batman to help you with all the tasks related to not only hospitalization, but also for providing care at home and beyond. In fact the care provided in one’s home should be of no less quality as the care provided in the hospital.

Megacare services is uniquely and truly a one stop solution for all your healthcare needs. Our carefully designed process enables us to provide you reliable services round the clock using cutting edge digital technology and well trained staff.


With our comprehensive and personalized membership plans, we intend on giving our members value for the money they spend. We believe in hand-holding our members through the entire process just as family members would and providing members one to one consulting, support and services than any of our counterparts. Each Member is assigned their own Relationship Manager, who will be their concierge for 24X7 assistance.

With our unique services such as our Pick & Drop facility, Attendant for Doctors’ appointments, 24 hour medicine delivery, house calls etc among many other such facilities to choose from as per your needs, will help us stand out among various primary care providers who are unable to take the extra time and effort to exceed a patient’s expectations.

The pricing of all services that we are offering has been designed and modelled in a way that the member is able to get more value, instantly, than the money he is paying for the membership. There are different levels of membership that new members can buy into depending upon their need and requirement.


While your Relationship Manager does not prescribe medicines or treatments he is your 

• Personal Health Desk
• Medical Secretary
• Medical Record Manager
• Clinical Liaison



When it’s about your health or your family’s, we at MegaCare Services are connected to your emotions. Considering the client’s valuable time and mindset in the hour of need, our well-equipped support team initiates a detailed caring process at their end to facilitate quality, timely services. We bring you affordable, personal and convenient assistance 24X7 so that you are at peace when you know your Relationship Manager is on the look-out when your family needs him.

Members can choose from different membership packages being offered by Megacare, depending upon their need and requirement. Each package is not only cost effective but carefully designed to suit modern lifestyles and requirements thereof.

” Providing quality healthcare for EVERYONE, EVERYTIME! ”